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A history of things to come

Over at Centauri Dreams, an article by Marc Millis was posted that goes through decade by decade of an optimistic, albeit fictional, account of events and discoveries to come.

This decade basically covers humans getting over the stigma of space travel and nuclear propulsion, something I also hope comes to pass. Like they say, time heals all wounds.

In the 20s and 30s Marc leads us through exo-planet discoveries that show evidence of life and how Universities and other institutions get in on space discovery through the use of ever advancing robotic probes, all the while trying to improve Earth’s own environment and sociology. Artificial Intelligence is being used and humankind extends it’s reach as far as the Moon. All the while we are applying what we learn in space to improving life on Earth and the Earth itself.

Lunar Colony - Credit: NASA

The 40s sees the rise of the Moon and Mars colonies. AIs become self aware, but have no interest in being the instrument of mankind’s annihilation. Instead they speed themselves out through out the solar system’s planets, some even stay on Earth to assist humanity in their own self evolution. By the end of the decade humans finally crack the propellantless space drive problem as well as make physics discoveries that enable the engineering of artificial gravity fields that don’t rely on centripetal effects. This effectively opens up the solar system to us; interstellar travel is just a little behind.

By the 50s, humankind is constructing colony ships to take them beyond the constrains of our local system. One is being sent to Destiny, the planet discovered in the 20s that harbors life and can sustain humans. We also begin the transformation to non-biological entities known as transhumance that don’t have the basic human body frailties but still have the drive, inquisitiveness and basic instinct of the human mind.

This is an optimistic future for our species and we are seen thriving, venturing out into the Universe, exploring and growing. I’ve always taken an optimistic view of what we will become, something very different than what we are now. I hope you find the time to read this piece.

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