3 Incredible Innovations of 2016-2017

XGIMI Z4 Aurora

The XGIMI Z4 Aurora is a Smart LED projector that can transform any surface into a 300-inch screen with unparalleled brightness and clarity. The built-in Harman Kardon stereo produces superior sound quality and the dimension converter brings all video content to life in brilliant 3D. Install apps and games onto the Z4 Aurora android system and wirelessly stream them directly onto the projector. The Z4 Aurora provides a truly connected, superior viewing experience. Z4 Aurora aesthetic is simple and classic, which fits in perfectly with an understated, modern lifestyle.

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It is the world's first EEG headset that trains your brain to cope with stress.Stress is the source of many troubles such as depression, anxiety, hypertension and insomnia. Despite this fact, we treat stress like it is just a normal part of modern life.. In fact, with a little coaching, your brain has the ability to reduce the impact of stress and protect you against its negative effects. This is what Melomind is all about: reducing stress by training your brain. Neurofeedback is at the very core of melomind's technology. Neurofeedback has been studied for decades by neuroscience laboratories all around the world.

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Be the only one to access your wallet with the first CODE WALLET. It also includes RFID protection and a tracking system .This Code Wallet is the ideal way to carry and protect your most valuable personal effects : cash, credit cards, driver’s license. Featuring a 3 digit locking code, your belongings are locked away and out of the reach of unauthorized people, while RFID blocking technology protects your contactless cards from electronic data theft.

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